September 23, 2022

Our team

John Lauder

After graduation, John did freelance news and sports coverage for several publications before joining us.

When Matt isn’t writing about sports, he’s probably playing pickup at a local court or wishing he was at the beach somewhere

Bob White

Bob graduated from Northwestern University, where he studied Journalism and History while covering football, men and women’s basketball.

When he isn’t busy watching sports, Bob is probably playing pick-up basketball, nerding out about his latest favorite TV show, or trying out a new LA restaurant.

Curt Sutron

Curt has always been an avid Ducks fan. He waits for the day Oregon football wins a national championship. When he manages to pry himself away from the sports world, he’s either at the gym, spending time with family or enjoying the outdoors.

Tom Raskomer

Even though he grew up a die-hard fan of the Yankees, the Saints have now become his favorite sports team.

He began working for us as an intern. Following graduation, Tom joined us as a full-time staff writer.

When Tom isn’t writing or talking about sports, you can find him watching a Marvel movie or an episode of The Office

Matt Troms

When not talking constantly about the Lackers being awful or how basketball will never make it in America, Matt likes to read and write fiction, cook his own meals, do some sports betting.